On Assignment | 321st District Court

TYLER — Monday, Oct. 4, I visited the 321st District Court of Judge Carole W. Clark, R-Tyler. I observed from the audience, using only a pen and notepad. I have two pages of notes to share with the public, but for now, I will say that Judge Clark was almost “spunky” in her treatment of lawyers and officers of the court, like an energized version of the “All In The Family” main-character (wasn’t her name Carol, too?)

There are horrific stories about mistreatment, abuse and wayward decisions from the so-called “Tyler Tyrant.” More details from today’s observation to come later.

I want to thank the numerous readers who reached out to me to tell me their stories of abuse at the hands of the 321st District. I can assure you, the judicial branch of government is my focus across this entire state. If the lawyers, attorneys and establishment media don’t or won’t do their job, it’s up to the families going through the system — and the media outlets that have no fear — to clean up the mess.

I hope to make this court observation gig into a business opportunity. Parents have asked me before to accompany them to court, just to sit in and observe. They are usually very appreciative of the outcome because they have an advocate.

Anyway, lots of photos from downtown Tyler today, too. Love downtown Tyler. It’s gorgeous.



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