Photos | 321st District Court | Judge Carole W. Clark

TYLER — Just a smattering of photos — and the unusual threat of criminal trespass rules — from inside and out of the 321st District Court in Smith County (home to Judge Carole W. Clark.) Anyone with photos of the judge, please send those: I want everyone to know what this infamous judge looks like…

The General Rules tacked on the front door:

321st District Court
Judge Carole W. Clark
General Rules

“Who’s in charge?

The Judge, the court staff, and the Sheriff’s Department are in charge.

Any directions given by the Judge, Bailiff, Court Coordinators,
Court Reporter, other officers of the court or any law enforcement
officer are to be followed without argument.

We have the right to criminally trespass anyone at anytime for any reason.

Failure to follow the directions of the court or keep order during court
proceedings could result in a fine and/or jail time for the individuals
responsible. We have and do arrest individuals on site for violations of Texas
Penal Code Sections 42:01 (text given of statute)

The photos can be found below, or on The Tyler Tribune's Facebook photo albums:


1 thought on “Photos | 321st District Court | Judge Carole W. Clark

  1. Hmmmm… Sounds like the she-devil is preparing to throw out any undesirable reporters that could tell the truth about her courtroom behavior?

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