Palestine, Texas Cop Nathan Allen Sues Blog Publisher

PALESTINE, TEXAS — Officer Nathan Allen is suing the publisher of for alleging that he committed perjury in an incident report. Palestine is the county seat of Anderson County, which is located on the front door-step of East Texas:,_Texas. The petition in the lawsuit against the publisher is below:

[PDF: Click to View, Download or Print: Palestine, Texas Officer Nathan Allen’s Lawsuit Against Publisher]


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The perjury allegation centers on Allen contradicting security video involving a Church’s Chicken box that contained roaches and other things. More details TBA…

[PDF: Click to View, Download or Print: Affidavit that Contradicts Officer Nathan Allen’s Grounds for Lawsuit]

The publisher: “That is the video of the “theft” and is what I used to compare it to the affidavit which is attached. If you watch the video and compare it to the affidavit, you’ll see that he doesn’t tell the truth or didn’t do his job.”

Some Texas Workforce Commission documents (PDF) related to this case: The employee was accused of theft and received unemployment. In other words, TWC investigated and found that it was not proven that he stole anything.
I also have a letter the cop sent to the employee that said come see me. He sent it on July 12 but it gave him a deadline of feb 20 which just demonstrates how incompetent the investigation was. He sent the letter but had already obtained a warrant without any investigation.

Alexis Garcia_TWC Confirmation of Application for Benefits – June 25, 2011

Email from Chief Powell

TWC Appeals Tribunal Decision – September 26, 2011

TWC First Response – August 20, 2011

TWC Fourth Response – September 23, 2011

TWC Second Response – September 1, 2011

TWC Third Response – September 17, 2011