Assault Photos: Mom Arrested After Ex Beat *Her* & Family

TYLER — These photos are exclusive to The Ellis County Observer and The Tyler Tribune ( This is an update to this: This mother is my guest for tonight’s exclusive interview:

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Guest: Orquidia Nunez, a mother fighting a Voodoo-practicing ex-husband and the powers and principalities
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The ex-husband is also into Wicca or voodoo or other demonic, Satanic religious practices. Can you believe 321st District Judge Carole W. Clark allows this to continue? Click on the images below for a larger view:

Now for Orquidia Nunez’ Side of the Story

TYLER — The Morning-Telegraph and East Texas TV stations reported that Orquidia Nunez, 33, was arrested for assault. They also reported that Tyler ISD, her employer, had put her on administrative leave. What no one has done was actually report Orquidia Nunez’ side of the story.

Until now.

The Tyler Tribune and our sister publication, The Ellis County Observer, will interview Orquidia Nunez live on air Oct. 19 at 8 p.m:

What the other media outlets did not report:

  • Orquidia Nunez’ ex-husband, Matthew Dereck Miller, came to her house to enforce a custody order (they are currently running through the 321st District Court ringer), but not before savagely beating her and her mother and almost running over their 4-year-old
  • Orquidia Nunez’ mom had her eye stabbed by Miller and was transported to the hospital
  • Orquidia Nunez’ sister and mother both came out when Miller became violent towards her
  • There were no “gangsters” as Miller reportedly told law enforcement, only women — Orquidia Nunez, her mother and her sister
  • Smith County Sheriff’s Office deputies reportedly took a large amount of time before responding to the scene and by that time, Orquidia Nunez said they had already talked to Miller. She was quickly placed under arrest a short time thereafter
The Tyler media types are going to have a lot more competition, especially as it relates to the corrupt law enforcement and the 321st District Court — as well as any court that bribes the People’s justice for vacation days and evil.
Orquidia Nunez is the guest for our two-hour radio broadcast. Those that want to get to the bottom of this story and Smith County’s judicial corruption ought to bookmark and