Radio Interview: Randy Kelton’s Imprisonment co-host Eddie Craig and investigative journalist Andrew West Griffin (publisher of Oklahoma-based Red Dirt Report and a former Waxahachie Daily Light reporter) join us Wednesday, Oct. 12 to discuss the imprisonment and railroading of Randy Kelton. Details and documents below:

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Documents: [Click to View, Print, Download or Read: Motion for New Trial | Randy Kelton | Cherokee County, Texas] 

Rule Of Law Radio Host Randy Kelton in Cherokee County Jail

JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS — Randy Kelton, a talk-show host for Rule of Law Radio (, has been locked up in the Cherokee County jail, according to the program’s Web site:

“Randy Kelton is rotting in Cherokee County Texas jail. More corruption.

Randy was wrongfully convicted of “operating a private investigation company without a license” in Cherokee County, Texas, on September 29, 2011, and is now sentenced to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. The charges are bogus, there was no evidence, and the court never had jurisdiction. It was an obvious railroad job in retaliation due to the criminal complaints Randy tried to file against public servants in that county. We need to raise $30K or more to pay for Randy’s legal expenses including court transcripts, an appeal bond, possible attorney’s fees, and to keep the network on the air. Randy had been significantly financially supporting the radio network up to this point, and now we need you listeners to chip in more than ever to keep the radio network on the air while we do everything we can to get Randy out of jail. Please contribute as much as you can so we can remain on the air and get Randy out. Please post the widget below on your websites and social networking pages.

We’re asking folks to call the Cherokee County Court at             903-683-6497       and the Cherokee County Attorney’s office at             903-683-2423       and ask them very politely for the phone number to the Cherokee County Jail, and tell them you want the number to the jail because you want to check on Randall Kelton. Also ask the court clerk and the prosecutor’s office for any information they can give you on Randy. Ask the clerk of the court how you can get a copy of the file of his case. Remember to get everyone’s name whom you speak with. If you are calling from within the State of Texas, you can record your phone call without notifying the other party or asking their permission. Check your state’s laws regarding audio recordings if you’re calling from out of state.

When you call the jail, ask to speak to him if possible, ask when can he take calls and when he can return calls, try to leave a message, and ask for any information they can give you about him and if he’s doing ok. Please be polite. Please DO NOT be rude, and DO NOT threaten them because this would only make things worse for Randy. The mailing address we currently have for Randy is:

Randall Kelton
272 Underwood
Rusk, TX 75785

Some listeners have expressed concern that no information can be found about Randy online, and that there is no inmate number provided by the Cherokee County Jail. This is not cause for alarm. The State of Texas inmate locator is only for State prison inmates so you will not find any info about him there. Individual counties in Texas are responsible for providing their own inmate info to the public, and not every county offers that information online. Cherokee County does not offer online information on inmates. They are a rural county likely having only a few county jail inmates, and they may not even assign “inmate numbers.” This is not cause for alarm. Randy’s visitor’s list has been released which includes his closest contacts, so there is every reason to believe that he actually is in the Cherokee County Jail. We will keep everyone posted concerning our contact with Randy. All the current up-to-date information that we have about Randy is posted here, so please do not try to ask Deborah questions about Randy while she is screening calls and producing the radio shows. Contact information for relevant Cherokee County offices:

135 S. Main, 1st Floor
Rusk, Texas [75785]
Phone:             903-683-6497
FAX .: 903-683-2961
Attn: Judge Craig Fletcher
135 S. Main, 1st Floor
Rusk, Texas [75785]
Phone:             903-683-2423
FAX .: 903-683-5931
Attn: Prosecutor Craig CALDWELL

Kelton, originally from Wise County, teaches others to use the current legal system to bring forth indictments against public officials, as well as taking cases straight to citizen grand juries. This is not his first stint in jail, nor will it probably be his last, but Cherokee County is home to some of the most corrupt law enforcement officials in East Texas. It borders Henderson and Smith counties. The Ellis County Observer has sent an email to Kelton’s co-host, Eddie Craig, for further information…

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On Assignment | 321st District Court

TYLER — Monday, Oct. 4, I visited the 321st District Court of Judge Carole W. Clark, R-Tyler. I observed from the audience, using only a pen and notepad. I have two pages of notes to share with the public, but for now, I will say that Judge Clark was almost “spunky” in her treatment of lawyers and officers of the court, like an energized version of the “All In The Family” main-character (wasn’t her name Carol, too?)

There are horrific stories about mistreatment, abuse and wayward decisions from the so-called “Tyler Tyrant.” More details from today’s observation to come later.

I want to thank the numerous readers who reached out to me to tell me their stories of abuse at the hands of the 321st District. I can assure you, the judicial branch of government is my focus across this entire state. If the lawyers, attorneys and establishment media don’t or won’t do their job, it’s up to the families going through the system — and the media outlets that have no fear — to clean up the mess.

I hope to make this court observation gig into a business opportunity. Parents have asked me before to accompany them to court, just to sit in and observe. They are usually very appreciative of the outcome because they have an advocate.

Anyway, lots of photos from downtown Tyler today, too. Love downtown Tyler. It’s gorgeous.


Photos | 321st District Court | Judge Carole W. Clark

TYLER — Just a smattering of photos — and the unusual threat of criminal trespass rules — from inside and out of the 321st District Court in Smith County (home to Judge Carole W. Clark.) Anyone with photos of the judge, please send those: I want everyone to know what this infamous judge looks like…

The General Rules tacked on the front door:

321st District Court
Judge Carole W. Clark
General Rules

“Who’s in charge?

The Judge, the court staff, and the Sheriff’s Department are in charge.

Any directions given by the Judge, Bailiff, Court Coordinators,
Court Reporter, other officers of the court or any law enforcement
officer are to be followed without argument.

We have the right to criminally trespass anyone at anytime for any reason.

Failure to follow the directions of the court or keep order during court
proceedings could result in a fine and/or jail time for the individuals
responsible. We have and do arrest individuals on site for violations of Texas
Penal Code Sections 42:01 (text given of statute)

The photos can be found below, or on The Tyler Tribune's Facebook photo albums:


The Tyler Tribune Launches. No. 1 Target: Judge Carole Clark

Half of the reason I launched The Tyler Tribune was to take on Judge Carole W. Clark directly: That’s just to start with. She’s a tyrant, and she needs to be removed from the bench. The Ellis County Observer and The Tyler Tribune will attempt to zero-in on Smith County, target it for “takeover” (via shifts in public opinion) and cause a judicial disruption in the county out there. The judges are beholden to us. It’s my duty to remind them of that.

Smith County currently has four (4) District Courts. The 321st District Court is designated to hear only family law cases, while the other three district courts hear only civil and criminal matters.

Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, Room xxx
Tyler, Texas 75702

Honorable Carole W. Clark Presiding Judge (903) 590-1602
Vicki Dunn Court Coordinator (903) 590-1602
Pat Ammons Assistant Court Coordinator (903) 590-1601
Kristy Crawford Official Court Reporter (903) 590-1603